We are a community that looks at financial markets from both the micro and macro perspectives. Our goal is to educate and share our strategies and help novice and experienced traders.

We've cultivated an open communitiy in which we share our trade setups and analysis in multiple markets. Our primary market focus is in Equities, Forex, Stock Options, and Crypto.

We share daily video analysis on multiple markets to preface the day and how the trade outlook is shaping up. Beyond that the Advantage members will get updates on trade set ups and market analysis every day.

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What do you get with Advantage Membership?

  • Daily videos on the market on the market analysis
  • Live video sessions through the week for Advantage members to ask interact and have a Q&A
  • Constant communication and live updates on traded positions
  • Access to over 25+ channels that include trade setups, analysis, chats, etc