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    Learn how we do technical analysis. From reading a chart to what indicators we use, how we set up our indicators, and the fundamentals of trading. Learn how we spot targets for entry and exits. Discover the secrets of Margin and Leveraged trading from our team of non-US traders. Participate in avid conversations with other traders and enthusiasts to understand the mentality of the market, and how whales try to capitalize on the average ignorance. We're all in this together, lets be as prepared as possible!

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    • Discover new & revolutionary, blockchain technologies and use-cases (ICOs)
    • Learn how we read a chart, which indicators we use, trading techniques and strategies we employ, from setting limit order to stop losses, margin and leverage trading, and more.
    • In depth reviews on disruptive, ground-breaking updates to the space. (Tangle, DPos, DEXs, etc...)
    • Learn how we assess the viability of a project before we decide if we want to get involved. We'll teach you what we look for to spot a good project.

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The TheAlphaTrades Advantage is not just a newsletter. It is a community of likeminded Blockchain tech enthusiasts, early adopters and investment gurus. By joining the TheAlphaTrades Advantage, you are now subscribed to our exclusive cryptocurrency investment newsletter. Every 2 weeks, you will receive an in-depth newsletter on the current state of the market and projections/prospects in the weeks ahead. Specifically, here is what you are getting:

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  5. Newsletters assessing the market the past two weeks, and what to expect during the next 2 weeks.

Cryptosomniac consists of 2 words. Crypto and somniac. The market never sleeps, and neither do we. We take our slogan seriously. 24 Hours a day. 7 Days a week. The TheAlphaTrades Advantage Community is online, trading, tirelessly conducting research to find the next hidden gem. We never stop pushing ourselves to do better so what you join today in the Cryptosomniac Advantage, could look very different in the near future. Just as the industry evolves, so will we.

It’s important to understand that Cryptocurrency markets never close, and there's little to no regulation. This means there is a tremendous amount of volatility and an enormous amount of market manipulation. Swing/ Day trading is skill that takes time to acquire and investment mentality that is very risk heavy. We day trade ourselves, but would suggest only confident and people seasoned in cryptocurrency markets to do so. We cover some of our best picks, as we make them, with you. Keep in mind, our whole focus here is to collect as much Bitcoin and Ethereum as possible. We still have a mindset that focuses largely on long term investing, and analyze our picks by understanding which cryptocurrencies have best set themselves up for success long into the future. This is a cornerstone, otherwise known as the basis, of our investment strategy.

For as many people who make money, there are also as many people who will lose money. We want you to be the former, not the latter! At Cryptosomniac, we try our best to educate people about Blockchain Technology, Bitcoin, and the many potential pitfalls they will have to navigate to help give them the best probability of success. We can't however guarantee any results.

Nothing. The information provided in the Cryptosomniac Advantage is all over the internet. It’s placed deep inside of forums, across thousands of Twitter accounts, the masterminds trading cryptocurrency daily, and even our competitors. We consolidate that for you. We subscribe to all of our competitors and synthesize and filter the noise for you. We bring you, what you need to know. You can stay busy with your normal life, and let us provide you the first-rate media coverage you deserve. If you’re still not sold, watch the testimonials below!